What are mountains made of?


Mountains are generally made of the different earth materials. These include rocks, lava flows, coral or sand. The different types of mountains result from their processes of formation rather than their differences. Coral mountains will be found in seas or areas with such history.
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When two plates press against each other until the land is lifted and folded over itself. One plate can push on top of another one. As one plate slides downward into the earth, it begins to melt. The melted rock rushes upward along cracks and weak spots, bursting out as a fiery volcano forming a mountain.
Mountains are made up of earth and rock materials. These features are formed by slow but enormous movements of the earth's crust. Mountains exist on every continent and even beneath oceans.
You may notice that some of our smaller mountains may be man made. But most mountains were made millions of years ago. When the earths plates were moving and colliding with each other. You can find more information here: www. mountain. org/education/subexplore/explore02. cfm
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