What Are My Car PCD?


Car PCD’/pitch circle diameter is the diameter of a circle drawn through the centre of your wheel’s bolt holes. The PCD shows the number of studs or bolts a wheel has and it is measured in millimetres.
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Older Ford cars, older Chrysler RWD cars and trucks, older Mercedes. Note the some older Fords especially the BIG cars from the 70's and 80's had a 5X5" pcd. These are the ones
To install a PCD chip into your car's computer, locate your
PCD stands for pitch circle diameter and is the diameter of a circle drawn through the centre of your wheel's bolt holes. P.C.D. is measured in millimeters and also indicate the number
MrGolf: Hey Guys. Iv had a set of these before and they wouldn't fit my Mk4 as the PCD was off, mine is 5x100 (as you know) and these seemed to be 5x112. However the person selling
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