Commemorative Coin Worth?


The weight of the gold coin is the biggest factor in determining how much your gold coins are worth. A 1/10 ounce gold coin can fetch as much as 50% more than the spot price for gold, where the more common 1 ounce gold commemorative coins can fetch between 4-12% more.
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There were no commemorative coins issued by the US Mint in 1981. Please examine your coin and then submit a new question with more information about the coin.
Medallions are specially designed and beautifully created items that have artistic, historic or sentimental value. They can be created for many reasons and serve a purpose, the details
A 24K gold plated John Wayne commemorative coin in mint condition
I'd check what it's going for on eBay or other sites. Be sure to check the "Buy It Now" price, rather than the auction price, because auction prices spike at the last minute
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Unfortunately, the commemorative coins are worth around $5.00. The manufacturer minted many of these coins and they can be easily found on websites like eBay. ...
A commemorative coin is a coin that is issued to commemorate some particular event or issue. They were issued from the 1960s onward, although there are numerous ...
Most people will choose a commemorative coin that mean something special to them. It may be a coin issued for a specific event or person that has meaning to the ...
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