What Are My Four Pillars of Destiny Chart Free?


The four pillars of destiny chart free are the year you were born, the month in that year, the date then birth took place and the time of birth. This is one of the oldest Chinese astrology which states that by using the four pillars you can discover and judge your life in terms of achievements and failures
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According to Chinese belief, the moment a person is born determines the path of life he will take. Simply, the 4P is a method of calculating and interpreting the 5 elements of the
Four Pillars of Destiny is very different from any other form of Astrology. Four Pillars of Destiny analyzes the impact of the relationship between the Sun and the Earth on human
WEAK - the others 7 elements in the chart mostly crashed or drained the day master element more than supporting or the same as the day master element. Balance is the key -a balance
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