What Are Parachutes Used for?


A parachute is a gear that is used to slow down a person's falling speed through the air. It reduces the free falling motion of an object or person falling from an aircraft and is very useful to sky divers. It is made of a light oval canopy attached to a harness which is worn by the jumper and deployed during the drop.
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A parachute is a tool used to slow the movement of an object or a person through the air .It is made out of light, strong cloth, originally silk, or nylon. It is also used to get war fighters and ammunition to the battlefield.
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Parachute shapes have changed dramatically since they were first tested back in the 1600s. The earliest parachutes included a rigid structure. Designs made completely ...
Parachutes were first made from silk; fordable parachute, then others were made from nylon, canvas and even Kevlar and today's parachute is made from specialized ...
Nylon is used in the manufacture of parachute canopies due to its elasticity, resistance to mildew, availability and price. The harness strap, suspension lines ...
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