What Are Physical Features?


Physical features are the visible traits of something that create the first impression to the viewer. Geographically, they include landforms, water bodies, climate and natural vegetation.
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Three-toed tree sloths live in Central and South America. Species are found in Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua,
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If you are talking about the meaning, then it means how someone or something looks. If you are referring to a. pencil's. physical features, you might say: it has a small eraser at
Grand Erg Oriental- a large field of sand dunes in the Sahara. Hoggar Mountains- a highland region in central Sahara.
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Physical features are the things on an item that can be used to describe that person or thing. A person's physical features may be their hair, nose, mouth, eye color, and size.
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