What Are Physical Features?


Physical features are the visible traits of something that create the first impression to the viewer. Geographically, they include landforms, water bodies, climate and natural vegetation.
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Penguin bodies are elongated, sleek and streamlined, and are tapered at each end. Their bones are dense for strength and to easily dive underwater. Most mature penguins are black
inthanon mountain, khorat plateau, central plain, and the chao phraya riverresorts, waterfalls, islands, rainforests, main cities, and temples. By: Scarlett Emberton.
Cuba is an island with rugged mountains, rolling hills, plains, and of course, a coastline. no cuba is a place rune by chavez
there are lots of hillbillys and banjos.
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Physical features are the things on an item that can be used to describe that person or thing. A person's physical features may be their hair, nose, mouth, eye color, and size.
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