Definition of Physical Resources?


Physical resources are the possessions that are made by man through his abilities and skill. Technology, buildings as well as the many products that are made by man are all examples of physical resources.
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Physical resources are resources made by man through his abilities and skill. They are natural resources that man has found a way to make use of . Some examples are oil, coal, natural
What is physics? Physics is one of the oldest sciences, studied for thousands of years. In the simplest terms, physics is the study of matter and energy, and how they interact. A
Physical Resources represent abstractions of places where Data Objects are physically
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Physical resources are the resources that are made by man through his abilities and skill. Examples of physical resources include: buildings, technology, and products that are made by man. These resources help man's daily activities become easy.
Physical resources refer to assets, materials or capital that are made by humans through their skills and abilities. Examples of physical resources include technology, buildings, machinery and equipment, materials, premises, services, storage facilities and energy supply.
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