What Are Pile Fabrics Used for?


Pile fabric refers to the raised fabric which is made of upright loops or strands of yarn. Some common examples of pile fabrics include carpets, corduroy, velvet, plush and Turkish towels. The word pile is derived from Latin pilus for 'hair'.
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Pile fabrics are used as foundation texture for certain yarns to form piles on the surface. They may be cut or uncut in the fabric. The character of the pile fabric produced depends on the closeness and length of the loops formed.
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The most common type of fabric that uses a pile weave is velvet. This type of velvet
( ¦dēp ¦pīl ′fa·brik ) (textiles) Any of various woven or knitted fabrics that simulate fur.
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Velvet is a warp-pile fabric. Warp yarns are the lengthwise threads attached to a loom before weaving begins. When creating a warp-pile fabric, extra sets of warp ...
Corduroy is a type of fabric that has a cut pile fabric in which the trimmed fibres form a surface of cords in the warp direction, often made from a balance of ...
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