What Are Polar Bears Enemies?


Polar bears are at the top of their food chain and are known as apex predators. The only known enemies or dangers to a polar bear comes from other bears and humans. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polar_bear
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Climate change/global warming and the melting ice sheet, starvation, humans, summer in the arctic (since this is a time where they are not going to be eating much) dehydration, etc.
Humans. See article below: Polar Bear Enemies. What are the Polar Bears Enemies? Polar bears are the kings and queens of the north. They live in peace, searching for food and swimming
1. Plan your trip. The most successful time to hunt polar bear is between February and April of each year. This is when the bears are most mobile and looking for food to bulk up after
1. Draw a tilted oval for the head. 2. Draw a curve for the snout and two circles for the ear. 3. Draw a circle then draw an oval intersecting it for the body of the polar bear. 4
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Adult polar bears have no natural predators except for humans, but cubs may be preyed upon by adult male polar bears.
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The biggest enemy of the Arctic fox is the polar bear and humans. For baby Arctic foxes the biggest enemy is the snowy owl. The owl can swoop down and take the ...
One of the main enemies of the black bear is the grizzly bear. The black bear is mostly omnivorous, meaning it eats mostly plants and small animals. ...
Grizzly bears do not have many natural enemies. Their main enemies are those who are in competition for food. These may include wolves, wild cats, and even humans ...
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