What Are Porcelain Dolls Worth?


To know how much your porcelain doll is worth you can contact the shop you bought it or check online shops stocking similar dolls. If your porcelain doll is in a perfect condition it can fetch almost the same amount you bought it.
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Duck House dolls are mass produced porcelain dolls. There were so many made that they are not worth very much. Probably less than $20. Source(s) Doll collector.
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The cheapest porcelain doll is valued at approximately 0.60 pounds while the most expensive known is valued at 3.60 pounds in the UK. These dolls are made for both boys and girls.
£9.95 is the least one can get for porcelan dolls with some going for as much as £90 a single doll and thousands of pounds for collector items. Specializing in porcelain portrait dolls made to look like your child or grandchild. Also offers great-granny and great-grandpa dolls, reproduction dolls and doll furniture. Detailed original dolls with porcelain heads, torsos, hands and feet, glass eyes, and mohair wigs. Individually hand poured, painted modern reproduction porcelain dolls. Doll artist molds include: Donna and Kelly RuBert, Jennifer Estaban. Shirley Temple, Pope John Paul, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa babies.
Porcelain dolls just like with any doll can have a wide price range. The price depends on the manufacturer, quality, size, age of the dolls and current market for porcelain dolls. For more information about the value of the doll check online on websites for doll collectors.
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The price of any porcelain doll is determined by its condition, age and style. Sadly, most dolls are not worth more than their original purchase price because ...
Leonardo Porcelain Dolls are usually worth 5 to 20 pounds, depending on their status. They are available for purchasing mostly online. For more information, visit ...
It can be difficult to find a good value guide for porcelain dolls. An appraiser is the only person that can give you a truly valid estimate of the worth of an ...
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