What Are Preliminaries in Construction?


Construction preliminaries are the associated expenses or costs that contractors incur in the completion of a project. This may be the cost of a site office, hoarding, or heating the site office, rather than the costs of the actual building working materials like the bricks and blocks.
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Before you start, you need to have an idea of what the finished project will look like. But planning isn't limited to aesthetics; it helps determine the structural soundness of the
preliminaries are the associated costs that contractors incur in the completion of a project, for example the cost of hoarding or a site office, or heating the site office, (rather
Dear Ladi, Thank you for your question. Firstly, it depends what do you include under that definition. As I seen various interpretation of it, there may be some differences and a
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What Are Preliminaries in Construction?
Before you plunge your shovel into the earth for your new building project, you have many preliminary tasks to complete. While some of these depend on local regulations, the financial and planning preliminaries are crucial if you intend to start and... More »
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Preliminaries in Construction are requirement of a project, whether revealed on drawings or written. They explain what is essential to finish the Works in harmony with the Contract. Preliminaries state common settings and requirements for their implementation, and they comprise items like approvals, subcontracting, testing and conclusions.
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