Psychomotor Skills?


Psychomotor skills are those skills that you do so often that you don't have to think about how to do them even when you are doing them. Typing skill is an example of a psychomotor skill. This skill requires learning.
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Psychomotor refers to how your muscles work in connection with your brain. It is about how your muscular functions are controlled by your mind.
Psychomotor: pertaining to a response involving both motor and
(sī'kō-mō'tər) adj. Of or relating to movement or muscular activity associated with mental processes, especially affects, as in psychomotor slowing associated
Even though preschoolers are still primarily concrete thinkers, their pretend play becomes much more elaborate. Your preschooler may reenact situations that happen in his life as
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A psychomotor skill is the ability to do something without engaging your brains, the actions we take without thinking simply because we are used to such action to the extend that it becomes part of life or the norm. Actions such as moving your arms and hands steady while holding your arm and hand in one position.
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