What are quantitative skills?


One of the most common reasons to use the term quantitative skills is when discussing the MBA testing process. For those who wish to get into business school, taking the GMAT test is critical. One component of this is being tested for quantitative skills. This includes knowledge-based questions related to things like economics and finance. Unlike other portions of the test, which try to gather information on your reasoning and critical thinking skills, this portion tests your level of knowledge and the skills you have in those areas.
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Well first off, if you don't know verbal.I'm just gonna shake my head. quantitative on the other hand is noticeable measurements, such as mass, volume and length.
An example of a quantitative observation is "John spends $300 dollars a month in petty cash. Another is: "This is the fourth time in two weeks John has worked overtime.
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Nearly zilch. It takes a lot of work to do effective quantitative research. You have to set up dozens of sites for which the sole purpose is testing and experimentation. Then you
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