What Are Refined Foods?


Refined foods can be defined as foods whose nutrient content has all been removed. These types of food include white flour, white rice and white sugar. The nutrient loss is as a result of the refinement done on them.
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Refine food is food that undergoes many commercial processes resulting in the loss of nutrients
I think Jim Gordon's answer is incomplete. Yes, a diet that primarily consists of white, polished rice can lead to beriberi. But the important word is 'primarily'. A diet of white
Artificially refined foods are also known as processed foods. They are formulated by adding synthetic materials, such as sodium benzoate, EDTA, etc. to basic food stuffs. Can they
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Refined foods are the foods that have been highly processed and extracted of all the nutrients that they offer the body. They are very harmful to health because they are very high in sugar and this may lead to diabetes. Some of the examples are refined white flour, white sugar and the white pasta.
Refined foods would be those that have been processed. Items like sugar, which starts out as cane, is refined. Flour is another that starts out as a grain and is refined into a powder.
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