What Are Roof Eaves?


Eaves are the lower borders of the roof of a building. They are horizontal on the exterior roof that overhangs the walls and casts off the water that falls on the roof. Roof eaves protect the brickwork from rain and supports the wall.
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1. Form your gable roof. Measure and cut your rafters. Make your ridge cuts and cut your bird's mouths, or rafter seats. Lay the rafters out onto rafter horses and make all your cuts
An eave is a concealed overhang on a house, and the term eavesdropping comes from listening through the
n. Northern & Western U.S. See gutter (sense 2). See Regional Note at gutter .
The slope of a roof is referred to as either the slope, pitch or angle of the roof. Builders in North America describe the slope as a ratio. The top number is the number of inches
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A roof eave refers to a projecting extension at the lower edge of a roof. The main use of the eave is to throw rain water off the walls and to avoid the ingress of water at the intersection where the roof meets the wall.
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