What Are Roof Eaves?


Eaves are the lower borders of the roof of a building. They are horizontal on the exterior roof that overhangs the walls and casts off the water that falls on the roof. Roof eaves protect the brickwork from rain and supports the wall.
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1. Prop your extension ladders along the side of your house so you and your assistants can successfully hold a length of gutter without it bending. 2. Attach your gutters 2 inches
Boxed eaves including a boxed gable. a raked eaves concealed or boxed gutter
n. Northern & Western U.S. See gutter (sense 2). See Regional Note at gutter .
Only sloped roofs have a ridge, as the main objective of a ridge is to intersect two sloped planes of roof. Ridges are present on most sloped roofs, whether the angle of slope is
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A roof eave refers to a projecting extension at the lower edge of a roof. The main use of the eave is to throw rain water off the walls and to avoid the ingress of water at the intersection where the roof meets the wall.
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