What are safety goggles used for?


Safety goggles protect people’s eyes from threats in science labs and other dangerous locations from chemical splashes, particles and other potential dangers. A common type of safety goggles include the chemical splash goggles. These have indirect ventilation to prevent substances from draining into the eyes.

According to “Controlling Chemical Exposure” from Princeton University, most safety goggles fit over prescription glasses. In many cases, simply wearing regular prescription glasses at the lab won’t be enough to protect from chemical spills that are dangerous and damaging when they hit people’s eyes. In particular, safety goggles are important whenever chemicals and glassware are used, especially when used in conjunction with a heating source. This is because it increases the potential for splashes. If a person is working with any material that is known to fragment or shoot out particles, safety goggles are also needed. This includes using tools that fragment wood, using industrial blowers to clear sand and other similar situations. Potential damage to the eyes also occurs when people are working with any material that is under pressure such as a spring or wire. Safety goggles also protect the eye from impacts caused by such materials. If there are fumes or dust in the area, safety goggles also reduce the exposure the eye has to these dangerous materials.

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What Are Safety Goggles Used For?
Safety goggles are used to protect the eyes of the wearer during activities where eye injury is a risk. From inexpensive home improvement store plastic models, to prescription goggles such as bifocal models, safety glasses minimize injury risks during... More »
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