What Are Satellite Dishes Made from?


The original satellite dishes were made of heavy fiberglass and measured at least 10 feet in diameter. The parabolic reflectors of today's typical satellite dishes are much smaller and are instead made of the lighter-weighted aluminum mesh.
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Your satellite company should give you elevation and azimuth angles for your dish. If not, you can find them at dishfinder, monsterfm or one of many other online satellite dish positioning
They are made of metal for the simple reason of just not many things can survive in space due to the fact space is cold and they is no air. Anything else may just detoryed by metors
Most commonly just pressed mild steel. I've seen plenty of old rusty ones, especially near the coast. The better quality ones are powder coated.
Descriptions of pastry-cloth material range from "lightweight" to "heavyweight" cotton and even "canvas, backed with a non-stick material such as oilcloth
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What Are Satellite Dishes Made From?
Satellite dishes became a part of the American vernacular when Echo I was launched into the earth's orbit in 1960. Since then, satellite dishes have become an important tool in communications. Everything from television to telephone and cell phone... More »
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