What is the function of a sepal?


In a flower, the function of a sepal is to protect the flower bud and its reproductive components. In a closed flower bud, a series of sepals completely enclose the flower petals and interior structures. In an open flower bud, the sepals underlie the outmost layer of flower petals.

Some flowers have thorny or hairy sepals. When the flower is open, such sepals serve as a barrier to insects crawling up the stem toward the delicate structures of the flower. In other flowers, the sepals quickly dry and fall away after the flower bud opens.

In most flowers, sepals are green, leaf-like structures that are easy to distinguish from the flower petals. In some flower species, such as the iris, the sepals are difficult to distinguish from the flower petals because they are of similar color and material.

All of the sepals in a single flower bud are collectively known as the calyx. The number of sepals a flower has in a calyx helps to classify flowering plants. For example, the major group of flowering plants, known as monocots, have three sepals or a multiple of three sepals in every flower. Dicots, on the other hand, have four or five sepals.

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they protect the petals bulbs from harm. they also protects the flower when it is a bud.
A complete flower is composed of four organs attached to the floral stalk by a receptacle (Figure
Sepals are leaf-like parts that enclose the flower bud. They are located at the lower part of a flower. The sepals fold over and protect the closed bud from weather or injuries while
sepal: one of the green parts that form the calyx of a flower
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one of the individual leaves or parts of the calyx of a flower.
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