What are sextuplets?


A sextuplet is a collection of six things. A collection of one thing is a single, two is a duet, three is a trio, four is a quartet, five is a quintet and six is a sextuplet. This term also refers to a multiple birth with six babies.

The word sextuplet may also refer to a singling from a group of six things. For example, a single child who belongs to five siblings from the same gestation and birth period may be referred to as a sextuplet, while the group of six would require the plural form, sextuplets. Sextuplet also refer to six notes within a four-beat time frame, musically.

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It is one of six offspring, which has been born at once.
A sextuplet is one of six offspring born at one
sextuplet: the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
sextuplets are 6 babies born at the same time to the exact same mother. So instead of one baby you get 6!!
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[seks-tuhp-lit, -too-plit, -tyoo-, seks-too-plit, -tyoo-]
a group or combination of six things.
one of six offspring born at one birth.
six children or offspring born of one pregnancy.
Music. a group of six notes of equal value performed in the same time normally taken to perform four.
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