Signs a Married Man Is Interested in You?


Signs that may indicate if a married man is interested in someone or something include restlessness in the presence of the person or thing, suggestive body language, change in tone and suggestive language. He may also extend favours to the person or thing while leaving out others that he is not interested in.
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he'll look over at you a lot, and if you see him he'll look away before looking back in about 30 seconds (that ones very common)
1. Watch the man's eyes. If you observe him making prolonged eye contact, this indicates his desire to know you on a deeper level. Catch him exploring your figure and you know he
Just curious cuz I get a weird vibe about someone. The smiles, everything I say something he sais he does too like we have lots in common, leaning into me when we talk, yada yada.
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