Signs a Married Man Is Interested in You?


Signs that may indicate if a married man is interested in someone or something include restlessness in the presence of the person or thing, suggestive body language, change in tone and suggestive language. He may also extend favours to the person or thing while leaving out others that he is not interested in.
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He looks at you a lot. His eyes linger on yours when you're conversing. That indicates he's really concentrating on what you're saying. Also, he gazes at you when he thinks you're
Let see here, the unspoken signs you can tell if this married man is into you. He will make some excuses just to see you, or lie to his wife where he is going, always calling you
That weird vibe is your gut. It knows. Listen to it. Stay away from this guy.
As a gay man, I'd have to say a combination of Joqn's answer and Christopher's answer is. well, the answer. You should not be so concerned with asking a specific question of your
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There are numerous ways to tell if a Married man is flirting with you. The physical telltale signs to look for are through his actions, not necessarily his words ...
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