Signs of Liver Problems?


Loss of appetite is one of the signs of liver problems. Pain in the liver and nausea are the other common signs. Sometimes eyes of the infected person may become yellow and result to a condition known as jaundice.
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There are several types of equine liver disease, including chronic and acute hepatitis or necrosis of the liver. Tyzzers disease is a bacterial infection in the liver of foals 7 to
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Abdominal pain is the most common symptom of liver cancer as well as unexplained weight loss
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What Are the Signs of Liver Problems?
A properly functioning liver is essential for the nutrients in food to be fully digested and absorbed by your body. The liver is also crucial for filtering potentially toxic substances from the blood, storing minerals and producing cholesterol for the... More »
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The signs of liver disease are; feeling pain in the liver, loss of appetite, a sick nauseous feeling, having a general feeling of fatigue, significant weight loss, vomiting blood, yellow eyes, jaundice and instances of confusion. Alcoholism is a leading cause of liver problems.
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