Signs of Liver Problems?


Loss of appetite is one of the signs of liver problems. Pain in the liver and nausea are the other common signs. Sometimes eyes of the infected person may become yellow and result to a condition known as jaundice.
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Chemotherapy is a liver cancer treatment in which the patient receives chemicals to kill cancer cells. The treatment also inevitably kills healthy cells. Another treatment option
If your a heavy drink this is where it affects the body the most. First off swelling. An enlarged liver is a sure sign that its having a hard time keeping up with filtering. In extreme
Liver count of a bad liver.
Some symptoms of Liver Disorders are Seizures, Behavior changes,
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The signs of liver disease are; feeling pain in the liver, loss of appetite, a sick nauseous feeling, having a general feeling of fatigue, significant weight loss, vomiting blood, yellow eyes, jaundice and instances of confusion. Alcoholism is a leading cause of liver problems.
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