What Are Smartphone Widgets?


Smartphone widgets are applications that can be installed on your cellular phone or mobile device that add functionality to the deviceA widget is a small application that does a single task, but does it well.
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Widgets that are associated with applications such as Facebook, ESPN or your favorite newspaper provide you with up-to-date information by refreshing at regular intervals. This process
IMHO the business model for widgets is tricky. Selling them for direct monetization is a hits business. You can view it is analagous to phone apps. One off sales just aren't a
Answer There is no one thing called a widget. The term is used generically like gadget or gizmo. It's often used in an academic context, especially in business schools or economics
This interesting. Engadget. article, How an AT&T smartphone comes to life: behind the scenes. should give an insight into the process for smartphones launched in the U.S.A. http
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