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Soaps are salts of fatty acids. They are mixtures of various sodium salts that are made of compounds from natural oils or fats. Soaps are mostly used with water for cleaning, and often occur in form of a solid bars or in liquid form.
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Peter Thomas Roth, owner of the eponymous skincare line, advocates using sulfur soap for skincare and balancing the complexion. According to Roth, sulfur is beneficial in drying excessive
Soap is a basic.
A mild soap would generally be made from oil and lye. It would not be a detergent. Most commercial soaps are not exactly soap but a mixture of detergents and fragrances. Mild soap
theres lye in it therefor its basic.
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a substance used for washing and cleansing purposes, usually made by treating a fat with an alkali, as sodium or potassium hydroxide, and consisting chiefly of the sodium or potassium salts of the acids contained in the fat.
any metallic salt of an acid derived from a fat.
Slang. money, especially as used for bribery in politics.
Slang. soap opera
to rub, cover, lather, or treat with soap.
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Soap is a substance that is used with water for washing and cleaning, made of a compound of natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide or another strong alkali, and usually perfumed and colouring added. It can also refer to a salt of a fatty acid.
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