Compare and Contrast Solids Liquids and Gases?


Solids, liquids and gases are defined as the three states of matter. All of them are made up of atoms, molecules or ions. However, they differ in their physical appearance and properties.
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Solids, liquids and gasses are different states of matter. Matter is made up of tiny particles (atoms, molecules and ions) In a. solid t. hey are closely packed, usually in a pattern
The particles in a solid have the following characteristics: they are .
solid- ice, coal, salt. liquid-water, mercury, alcohol. gas-water vapor, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. also if you look for an periodic table of the elements with states of matter it
There are laws for solids and liquids, too. For instance solids have a coeffient of linear expansion and liquids (and gasses) have a viscosity. Many others.
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These are the three stages of matter. Water can accurately show you each stage depending on what temperature it's at. When frozen, it is a solid, when at normal temperature it's a liquid, and when it has reached its boiling point, it becomes a gas.
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The properties of solids are it has a definite shape and volume and cannot be compressed. Liquids have a definite volume but no definite shape while gases have ...
A liquid crystal that has the least order and is most liquid like is nematic. This is because it has distinct features such as well ordered molecules. The order ...
Solid liquids and gases expand when heated because the atoms gain energy and try to break the forces. This causes them to swell. Thus, they expand when heated. ...
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