Compare and Contrast Solids Liquids and Gases?


Solids, liquids and gases are defined as the three states of matter. All of them are made up of atoms, molecules or ions. However, they differ in their physical appearance and properties.
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States of matter.
The particles in a solid have the following characteristics: they are
You can identify matter as being a gas, a liquid, or a solid based on simple observation. A gas has "neither constant volume nor constant shape." Gases expand to fill whatever
There are two ways of looking at this ! A] there is nothing [ie no other material at all] between the particles. or B] there are inter-atomic or intermolecular forces between the
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These are the three stages of matter. Water can accurately show you each stage depending on what temperature it's at. When frozen, it is a solid, when at normal temperature it's a liquid, and when it has reached its boiling point, it becomes a gas.
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