What are some birthday party games?


Some birthday party games include pin the tail on the donkey, red light/green light, twenty questions, hot potato, Simon says, duck duck goose, and red rover.
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Ultimate Be...
Ultimate Beaky

Genre: Platformer
Help Beaky get to Mama by simply using your LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Unlock all 20 levels and collect as many stars as you can along the way. Once y...

Extreme Rac...
Extreme Racing 2

Genre: Racing
A fun racing game, race down the street while enjoying a very exotic view of the Island.

Pirate Gem
Pirate Gem

Genre: Puzzle
Align 3 gems in a row in this fun Pirate themed game.

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Alien Guard 2

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King of the hill with guns! Defend your land... Watch out for those angry little aliens, shoot them all as they try to blow you up for no apparent rea...

Monsters Go...
Monsters Gone Wild

Genre: Dance
A very funny game with dancing monsters. Maybe they had away too much punch! or maybe they are just happy!


Genre: Arcade, Fishing
Cute little fish that will not eat green yucky worms. This great 3D character is sure to win the hearts of your players.

Ultimate Ch...
Ultimate Chopper

Genre: Arcade
Fly through the mountains and try to stay alive as long as possible. The further you go the faster it gets.

Hoop Mania
Hoop Mania

Genre: Sports
Hoop it up in this awesome basketball game. Play for points or take on the computer opponent.


Genre: Puzzle
Daily crossword puzzle game.


Genre: Puzzle
Classic Sudoko game. Offers 3 difficulty levels and thousands of puzzles.

Birthday parties are fun all there own. But, games can make them a little bit better. You can play pin the tail on just about whatever you want. As well as ring toss or beer toss for adults.
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You can find great birthday party games at party stores like Party City, Party America, and other novelty stores like Spencer gifts. You can also find games online for free. Have
A treasure hunt can be an ideal party game. Before the children arrive, hide items such as candy, cheap toys and other small items. Then before the game begins, give the children
Well here are some ideas. pinta's are always fun to play at party. parse the parcel is a classic also if you don't have music when it starts they unwrap the paper get a prize that
1 Choose puzzle games. Get a large piece of Styrofoam board for every four guests. Paint each board a different color, solid red or blue, for example. Now, use a bread knife to cut
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Have each guest bring a baby picture and have each person guess who the picture is or have a food eating contest are some good birthday party games. ...
Some great games to play at a 13th birthday party include Truth or Dare or a dance contest. Another option would be a scavenger hunt. ...
There are many great games that would be very fun for an 11 year old's birthday party. Bobbing for apples, tug of war, pin the tail on the donkey, and hot potato ...
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