What Are Some Characteristics of Calico Cats?


Calico cats, with their orange, black and whitecoloration, are almost always female. Calico cats are quirky, independent and a little stubborn.
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Variegated black, yellow, and white
A calico cat is one with patches of different colors like orange, black, brown, and cream markings. The size and vividness of the patches can vary per cat. A male calico is extremely
I don't think they would behave any differently than any other cat. I have a Calico cat that came from a litter of four cats. They are all different in personality. Mine is very loving
1. Examine the cat's color markings. To be called a calico, three colors must be present: black, white and orange. Gray, cream and ginger are variations of these colors. 2. Determine
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Calico' refers to the unique pattern made on the cat's fur when a genetic 'spotting factor' effectively turns off the switch on one of the two 'X' chromosomes ...
Genus panthera characteristics include the ability to roar. These characteristics also include melanism that is most common in larger cats. Round pupils are another ...
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