What Are Some Desert Animals?


To avoid the daytime heat of the desert, most animals who live there are nocturnal. They come out at night to hunt for food. Some examples of nocturnal desert animals are: the coyote, the bobcat, and the jackrabbit. You can find more information here: http://digital-desert.com/wildlife/nocturnal.html
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Some names of animals in the deserts are lizards, and some kinds of birds, small rodents, camels, and some a jebora.
The Nubian Ibex lives in the Alpine regions of the north Sudan desert. Once widespread in the region, the Nubian Ibex is now an endangered species, thanks to Arabian hunters that
Cats are stupid.
Answer The desert is very hot during the day and cold during the night. You can find many types of cacti and lizards in a desert.
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Many types of animals inhabit desert habitats, including lions, vultures, zebras, dung beetles, iguanas, camels, scorpions, sand cats and antelopes.
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