What Are Some Desert Plants?


Some plants that live in the desert are, barrel cactus, brittle bush, chainfruit cholla, creosote bush, crimson hedgehog cactus, desert ironwood and the Joshua tree.
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The largest desert on Earth, the Sahara, is a tropical desert. Plant life such as the African Peyote Cactus spread its roots far and deep to survive the harsh conditions of this desert
desert roses,cactus,and shrubs
cactus,one of the plant that can live in the desert.known as xerophyte.this is due to its root,where it can longer and search for water.
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What Are Some Plants in the Desert?
For plants to survive in the desert, they have to withstand hot and dry conditions. There are actually two types of climates associated with deserts. A subtropical desert has an annual average temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and about 39 inches... More »
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