What are some good hobbies for teenagers?


Hobbies for teens include activities related to sports, technology, creative arts and social activities. It is important for teens to find interests that keep them out of trouble and help them to expand their interests and skills, according to GlobalPost.

Many teens are interested in sports and enjoy participating either on a competitive or school team or just for fun. Sports participation helps to build confidence and promotes the ability to work on a team as well as providing healthy physical activity.

Technology has its benefits and downsides when used as a hobby by teens. Teens may be tempted to spend hours playing video games, text messaging one another, watching TV and participating in social networking. While these technological pursuits allow for connection with others and social interaction, they can become a distraction or even an addiction when used too much. Reading books online, as an example, can be a constructive habit that involves technology.

Approximately one-quarter of teenagers participate in some sort of creative art, including music, drama, dance and art. Community groups and school productions provide an outlet for creative teenagers, and many also choose to take private lessons to improve their skills.

Hobbies are important for teens because of the way they build confidence, competence and skills. Devotion to a hobby helps teens to define their own identities in important ways. Hobbies also help keep teens' attention, and dedication to hobbies may prevent them from getting involved with peers who might lead them into some form of trouble.

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