What Are Some Ideas of Things to Collect?


Some of the ideas of things to collect include gathering seashells on sea shores, collecting old coins, collecting board games and gathering bird's feathers. One can collect anything else that is useful to him or her. It is unsafe to collect toxic substances and harzadous items.
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1. Look for the prices of similar items on websites such as eBay, Craigslist and Amazon. Other methods of checking prices include mystery shopping, going to antique stores and looking
1. Consider why you want to start a collection. People do it for fun, or because the collected item might become valuable. You can make it as narrow or as broad a field as you like.
Jim Halperin, a noted coin and comics collector, lists the following underlying motivations in his article Why Do We Collect Things?... Knowledge and learning Relaxation and stress
bunch, collection, clutter, pile, stack. etc.
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