What are some one player card games?


There are a few different card games that you can play on your own. The most popular game is solitaire, which the name means solitary or by yourself. There is also Freecell and if neither of those are for you, you can always toss the cards into a hat from a few feet away or build a card house.
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House of Cards
Build a house with playing cards. Stack your cards carefully. Play Now »
Peaks Solitaire
A fun Peaks solitaire game. Play Now »
52 Card Pick-up
Pick up cards as fast as you can before time runs out! Play Now »
Klondike Solitaire
Now, with this brand new rendition of the classic game, you can experience... Play Now »
Solitaire, hearts and free cell are some great card games. Once you get solitare down I suggest free cell its much more challenging although I have to admit when I was really desperate and board I even played I DECLARE WAR by myself.
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1. Remove the jokers from the deck and set them aside. Divide the rest of the deck exactly in half. Do not look at the face side of the cards. 2. Have each player deal out five cards
There are card games for children like old maid and go fish. Then you get into the card games for adults poker, cribbage and solitaire. You can get into a card game at a casino and
Dou Di Zhu is probably the #1 or #2 Card game in China. It's an odd 2 vs 1 game where one player is the landlord and the other two tenants. If either of the tenants survive or win
Cribbage is one such game, Rook is another.
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A few two player card games are uno, I declare war, cribbage, gin, go fish, pinochole, blackjack, big two, between the sheets, kalookie, and jass. And there are ...
There are all kinds of card games that you can play with two players (or more). Some of those are Go Fish, Speed, War, Poker, Old Maid, Rummy, Phase 10, and Crazy ...
Memory is an easy single player game besides Solitaire. The traditional version of Solitaire also has many variations. One popular version is Klondike. ...
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