Sites Similar to EBAY?


Sites that are similar to eBay are Amazon, Ubid, Ioffer, eBid, and UK 2 e-commerce. Depending on what you are buying, you can also check out these sites; Auctions United, 121 Bid, AllStalls and Automic Bid. Preloved is an advertising site covering the whole of UK and Ireland with over 500 categories of second hand items.
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there is a similar website called
Step. 1. To sell on eBay UK, simply go to and log in with the same username and password that you use on eBay USA. You don't need a separate account or an additional eBay
To build the site, you can likely use whatever technology stack you are comfortable with. Pretty much every combination of technologies has been used successfully in the past and
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There aren't many other sites like eBay in the US that have a similar size. A big site however, is Craiglist, where people list various products they attempt to ...
If you email me at I can refer you to a good one. I would post the link here, but I get referal points when I refer people. Or you just post ...
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