What Are Some Universities That Accept a 2 0 GPA?


There are many universities that accept a 2.0 GPA. The University of Phoneix will accept you into their online program without a doubt. Liberty University will also accept you.
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Georgia Southern University will accept students with a 2.0 GPA. Admission
The 3.0 GPA isn't bad, but a 500 SAT means your grades are inflated - it means you don't have even a high school level understanding of math and reading comprehension, and you're
Your question is a complicated one. My guess is that the transfer process is complete and there will be no more checking into your GPA. You have your acceptance letter, so one course
Colleges look at much more than your GPA. It's impossible to say
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Most universities will not accept a 2.0 GPA unless you have really high SAT or ACT scores. You may be able to go to a state college or community college and then transfer to a university, at a later date.
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