What Are Some Ways to Budget and Save Money to Plan for a Financial Future?


If you are looking to save for a home or vehicle or other large ticket item, you will be best served by setting a budget and making scheduled deposits in it. You may need to cut back on eating out, shopping or going to the movies with friends. With each occasion you spend money, think about what you could have if you save the money. This helps keep the focus on your goals.
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eliminate unecessary expenditures like cable tv subscriptions, dining out, car payments, down-size your home, and put all the money into CDs or small-cap stock funds. Don't touch
Depending on the age of the child, giving an allowance (even small) and connecting that to tasks is what I consider best. I'm from the old school so never had a credit card as a kid
spend money only on necessities. ask your self , Do i really need this or do I just want it. In other words. would you still be alive in two days if you did not buy it. then do not
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