What Are Spores?


Spores are reproducing cells that can live in almost any condition. That play important roles in the development in most bacteria, plant, algae, and fungi.
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A spore is a reproductive organism. Spores are too tiny to view with the human eye and must be seen under a large magnification microscope.
Pollen grains are composed of one or more nonreproductive vegetable cells and a reproductive cell that contains two nuclei. One of the nuclei forms a pollen tube, which is a structure
Spores are the reproductive cells for fungi and ferns. They are small and light weight so that they can easily be carried by the wind. In, a. spore. is a reproductive structure that
(spôr, spōr) n. A small, usually single-celled reproductive body that is highly resistant to desiccation and heat and is capable of growing into a new organism, produced
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What Are Spores?
Spores are asexual production cells used by simple plants to reproduce. Their job is to catch the wind and float through the air until they find a surface they can land on and begin growing a new version of the plant. Since spores are very simple... More »
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Spores can be described as asexual reproductive cells that are produced by organisms such as bacteria, algae, protozoa and fungi. They are single and haploid cells ...
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Heating is quite necessary in spore staining .the spore is consists of several protective layer, due to which it become highly resistive .heat soften the layers ...
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