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Sunspots are dark patches that appear periodically on the earth's surface. They are mostly associated with a strong magnetic field that is experienced on the earth's photosphere. Sunspots are not visible by naked eyes, but can be viewed using a telescope.
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one of the relatively dark patches that appear periodically on the surface of the sun and affect terrestrial magnetism and certain other terrestrial phenomena.
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Sunspots are lashes made on the body by the sun. A potent naturally based body lotion to help reduce the appearance of sunspots, liver spots, uneven skin tone and age related blemishes. Ideal for pigmentation troubled spots such as the hands and chest. One of the major side effects of spending time in the sun are spots, sun-spots, age-spots, freckles and larger patches of uneven pigmentation that can really mar otherwise beautiful skin. There are lotions that may reduce the appearance of these unattractive spots on the hands and body. It is estimated that the majority of people suffer from some sort of body pigmentation due to sun-damage. Sun and age spots appear on the back of the hands or the neck and chest area where the skin may have been exposed. Brown dull-looking, patchy spots may have developed.
Sunspots refer to temporary phenomena at the photosphere of the Sun which appear visibly as darker spots as compared to surrounding regions. They are usually caused by very intense magnetic activity that inhibits convection hence forming areas of a reduced surface temperature.
Sunspots are temporary phenomena located on the surface of the sun that appear as dark spots. They are caused by intense magnetic activity which causes convection in turn, forming areas of reduced surface temperature.
Sunspots are temporary phenomena on the surface of sun, visible as dark spots caused by the magnetic activity. Sunspots quickly rise but slowly fall over a period of ten years.
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Sunspots are visibly dark spots on the sun compared to the surrounding regions. These appear to be temporary. It is thought these are caused by intense magnetic activity. There is
Sunspots are regions on the solar surface that appear dark because they are cooler than the surrounding photosphere, typically by about 1500 K (thus, they are still at a temperature
1. Avoid sun exposure and be diligent about applying sunscreen. Sunscreen and reduced sun exposure will give your skin time to heal and will allow sunspots the chance to fade. 2.
1 Slice a fresh lemon and apply the fruit directly to the sunspots for 10 to 15 minutes per day. Lime juice works well also. The acid in the fruit aids in lightening the spots and
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Sunspots are dark areas on the sun. They are actually not all that dark, they just look that way to us because the rest of the sun is so hot. They are caused by ...
Cream for sunspots work to remove the appearance of the spots you already have while preventing new ones from developing. Sunspot creams have hydroquinone and ...
The Sunspot cycle is the cycle of activity our Sun goes through. During this cycle, sunspots increase in activity until they peak approximately every 11 years. ...
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