What Are Symptoms of a Blood Clot in the Knee?


There may not be any symptoms of a blood clot in the knee and the trouble may only start if the clot extends below or above the knee into the leg. This can result in deep vein thrombosis. In that case, symptoms include a swelling of the leg/knee area with redness and some degree of pain.
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Formation of a blood clot (thrombosis) can be caused by obesity, paralysis, major surgery or major injury, immobility, varicose veins, heart disease and cancer. Women who use birth
Blood clots can be dangerous if not detected quickly. The symptoms of blood clots may be tenderness at the site or a sharp shooting pain. Blood clots in the lungs can affect breathing
swelling. numbness. pain. in your calf area. call immediately it could be deadly.
Most often occurring in the legs or the arms, symptoms include swelling, warmth,
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What Are the Symptoms of a Blood Clot in the Knee?
Unrestricted blood flow is critical to maintain proper function of the body. Any blockage of veins or arteries will cause a backup that can endanger not only the blocked area, but the entire pulmonary system. Limbs can swell up, organs may function... More »
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Blood clots in the legs can come with a variety of symptoms. First, the leg will become painful and sore when walking. There can also be a warm area on the leg ...
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