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Tare refers to the weight of the container that something is in. Most commonly, packages that are shipped have a tare weight, or the weight of the actual merchandise less the container or tare weight. The customer pays for the weight less the tare.
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any of various vetches, especially Vicia sativa.
the seed of a vetch.
Bible. a noxious weed, probably the darnel.
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A tare is a weed, especially the type that commonly grown among grain. The tare weight is the weight of the empty container or the truck without its cargo. If you zero your scale
1. Turn the electronic balance on. The balance is ready for use when the balance displays a mass of zero. 2. Place the empty container for the substance to be massed on the pan of
Tare (n): 1. the seed of a vetch 2: the weight of the wrapping, receptacle, or conveyance containing goods 3:
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Tare is the weight of the material used in the packaging of a product and not the weight of the product. To get the net weight of a product, you will need to get ...
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Tare Weight is the definite or approximate weight of a container or packaging. In wholesale and retail trade, it is the weight of box, wrapping, packaging or strapping ...
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