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Technical skill refers to the manager's ability to perform technical tasks such as operating a machine or trouble shooting for some technical problem. This skill is most important
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Technical skills typically are associated with specific job tasks or work-related requirements. Consequently, technical skills tend to possess practical and focused applications. Oftentimes, technical skills are associated with scientific matters, including those connected with mathematics and computers. Technical skills are closely connected to different manufacturing and creative processes as well. Technical skills underpin the efforts of a broad spectrum of professions and industries from those connected with computers and computing to automobile manufacturers to bakers to health care.

Technical skills contrast with business skills. Overall, business skills represent a broader set of abilities, such as communication and time management. Educational institutions in the United States are more focused on the development of technical skills among their students to enhance their employment prospects following graduation. This applies to secondary schools as well as to institutions of higher education. The objective of educators is to strike a balance between the development of generalized business or professional skills with more highly targeted, practical technical skills to make individuals more employable.

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