What are the four oceans on Earth?


There are four oceans on Earth. These ocean and the fresh water make up over 75% of the Earth's surface. The four oceans are the Indian, Pacific, Atlantic and Artic Oceans.
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Oceans are large bodies of water that cover about 70% of the earth. It is all salt water. There is on big ocean that is divided into five different sections in the world.
Atlantic,Pacific,Indian and Arctic.
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the four oceans are the atlantic ocean, pacific ocean, arctic ocean, and indian ocean
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For many years, only 4 oceans were recognized. There is actually 5 oceans, which consists of about 71% of the Earth. The 5 oceans are the Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Artic and the Southern.
The four oceans of the world are the Indian ocean, Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, and the Arctic ocean. Although they never change, it can be hard to remember sometimes.
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The four oceans of the world are, the Atlantic ocean, the pacific ocean, the Indian ocean and the Arctic ocean. There are actually five oceans of the world, even ...
The earth is made up of all oceans and seas. The four major oceans are the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. ...
The Earth contains seven continents and four oceans. First, we have Australia, the world's smallest continent including Tasmania. Next, we have the world's largest ...
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