What are the five romance languages?


The romance languages are all derivatives of Latin. They are Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and French. These are considered to be the basic five of the romance languages.
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The 5 romance languages are Romance, Gallo, Italo, Rhaeto & Balkano. Thanks
There are many Romance languages (languages that evolved from Latin) The most commonly spoken today are: Spanish. French. Italian. Portuguese. Romanian. Catalan. Galician. Ladino.
Present Indicative - Voy. Simple Past - Fui. Compound future - Voy a ir. Imperfect - Iba. Simple future - Iré.
Today the six most widely spoken standardized Romance
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The 5 romance languages are Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Spanish has the most speaker, while Romanian has the least amount of speakers. All these languages have roots from Latin.
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