What Are the 8 Continents?


The 8 continents are Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, North America and South America. Asia is the largest continent covering an area of 43,820,000 square kilometres and having a total population of about 4,164,252,000. Africa comes in second with a population of about 1,022,234,000.
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The country of France is located in on the western side of Europe. France also has islands and territories located on other continents. Look here for more information:
In order of size, the 7 continents are: Asia, Africa, N. America, S. America, Antarctica,
There are seven continents. Asia Africa North America South America Antarctica Europe Australia Note : listed from largest to smallest
Large masses of land that are on the earth. They are separated into 7 different ones: North America, South America, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They continents
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Bethlehem is located on the continent of Asia. It is a city located in the central West Bank and 8 kilometres south of Jerusalem. Biblically, Bethlehem is the ...
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