Advantage and Disadvantage of Internet?


The internet has various advantages such as it makes information easily available and accessible; it promotes email correspondence, online chatting and education through online tutorials, and its gives individuals an opportunity of downloading software. The internet is an international computer network that makes e-mails and information from computers in places such as educational institutions, government agencies to be available to all.
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It effects our eyesight and it also gives us knowledge. Advantages: You can conduct personal and business transactions from your home. You can even work from home because of the internet
1. ADVANTAGES: Internet banking is fast and easy. Most of the banks online offers great interest rates on your savings and other accounts, which is very enticing. 2. ADVANTAGES: You
disadvantages - hackers, spam,scams.pop ups.virus infected e mail. email scams.people from a foreign country sending a fake e mail trying to get you to transfer scams.
So many ideas that lingers in our mind that we are longing for right answers. We search books through reading and getting some good ideas about our research, but sometimes we are
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The advantage of Internet chatting is getting to know lots of people from all around the country or the world without having to leave your house.The disadvantage ...
There are a few ways you can use the Internet for learning disadvantages and advantages. These include doing research, playing games and communicating. ...
The invention of the Internet has both disadvantages and advantages. The disadvantages of using the Internet is that it has caused a lack of privacy and it has ...
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