What Are the Advantages of HPLC?


There are many advantages to using HPLC. What HPLC stands for is high performance liquid chromatography. It is a process that is used in biochemistry. The process is done by separating polarized particles through the device in order to determine what it is that makes up the compounds. This process is automated and takes a short amount of time, and can be reproduced easily since it is done automatically, and done with a high resolution that is easy to read.
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Gas chromatography vaporizes the sample and it is carried along the system by an inert gas such as helium. Using hydrogen produces better separation and efficiency, but many laboratories
GLC is basically the same as HPLC except GLC is done with a liquid stationary phase and gaseous mobile phase. HPLC has a solid stationary phase and liquid mobile phase. So your sample
Contact a environmental lab.they use these type of instruments on a daily base and could help you answer your question.
The assays should achieve very similar values and are both calibrated to the DCCT standard. Upper limits of normal for all HbA1c assays is about 6.2 but can vary slightly between
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