Advantages of Tourism?


Tourism is advantageous in the creation of jobs, growth of the economy and improvement of the living standards of the locals. The tourism industry also leads to the development of the local crafts industry as well as exploitation of various resources.
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1. People get to experience the life of Antarctica. 2. It could bring wealth to the nations who are part and have signed the treaty. 3. If over time it becomes a developed and wealthy
Tourism helps in slowdown of rural depopulation. Conversely it
Money and jobs - tourism actually makes up a large portion of the GNP of many small nations.
Well foreign tourists get a lot for their money compared to other countries in Asia (such as Korea, Japan and Taiwan - they go to Thailand for cheap vacations!) Thai citizens benefit
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Tourism has advantages for Kenya for the following reasons: It helps the local economy. It can, by using the gains of tourism, improve the lifestyle of the locals ...
Tourism in Ireland is able to boost its economy. ...
Tourism in Ireland is able to boost its economy. ...
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