What Are the Advantages of Verbal Communication?


Advantages of verbal communication are: points are broken down and clearly understood and it is also precise and to the point. Also, body language and gestures can help to show the intensity of the verbiage. Verbal communication is the most efficient way of explaining intangible ideas.
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The advantages of verbal communication are far greater than non verbal communication in the sense that your voice has expression which gets your point and meaning across to the listener
Ways to indicate actors and action are essential to verbal communication. Steven Pinker considers how language works in his book "The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates
Fast, usually unclear, often spontaneous, easily misinterpreted, seldom goes on record. These are all both the advantages and disadvantages!
Verbal communication can mean a telephone conversation, a voice mail message or series of voice mails, a formal meeting, or even an informal chat with a coworker in the hallway.
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