Agents of Erosion?


The agents of erosion are wind, water, ice and gravity. They wear away at the surface of the earth. Erosion is referred as the movement of rocks or broken wreckage of rocks by natural agents of transport.
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Water can erode rocks and soil by crashing into them or flowing over them and carrying them to a new place. Flowing water, such as rivers and streams, can carry dirt and small rocks
Water, ice, gravity, and wind.
The process known as weathering breaks up rocks so that they can be carried away
Water, wind, ice, and waves are the agents of erosion that wear away at the surface of the earth.
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There are several agents of erosion, which over the years has created some very beautiful landscapes. The agents are wind, ice, gravity, and water in the form of waves in the sea as well as rivers, streams, and other runoff from precipitation.
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The five agents of erosion are runningnwater, wind, waves, gravity, and glaciers. The five agents of erosion arenresponsible for weathering away rocks, and forming ...
The four agents of erosion are gravity, wind, water, and exfoliation. The common example of erosion by water is flood. Wind erosion is common in dry areas, while ...
Sand dunes are created by Aeolian or wind agent of erosion. This happens when wind corrode, carry, drop constituents and are effective agents in areas with scant ...
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