What Are the Benefits of Using a Spreadsheet?


One enjoys various benefits when using a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are efficient as you only need to enter formulas and values once for calculation of results. One can be able to specify font size and style that is used for text and numbers. A spreadsheet enforces data integrity and secured sensitive data as it reveals a file when correct user code is entered.
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Its ability to recalculate automatically.
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Certain people use spreadsheets in their jobs. Some of these people are: Accountants- they use spreadsheets in their jobs to work out formulas quickly and to keep records Teachers
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What Are the Benefits of Using Spreadsheets?
The key benefits of spreadsheets are that they remove a stage of calculation from your figures. Rather than having to write figures down, then figure out totals, fractions and other mathematical calculations with a calculator, the spreadsheet does this... More »
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According to the Oxford Journals, electronic spreadsheets make the process of inputting information, retrieving information and performing calculations faster ...
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