What Are the Best Brands of Violins?


There are so many brands of violin. The best depends with an individual’s choice. They include Bellafina Violins, Doreli Violins, Fender Violins, Florea Violins, Glaesel Violins, Hofner Violins, and Josef Lazar Violins.
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One of the best brands of violins is definitely Stradivarius, but they come with a hefty price tag. Stringworks make high-quality violins at an affordable price. They give you a satisfaction guarantee, meaning you get to try the violin out for two weeks, if you're not satisfied you can simply return it.
Perhaps one of the best brands of violins, and most expensive, are violins made by Stradivarius in Italy. There are also less expensive violins made by Yamaha, Fender and Rogue.
According to what I've researched most violins to not have brands but are rather named after their makers. Antoine Stradivari is known for his violin called the Messiah, that emerged from Italy. This is probably the top-rated violin.
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