What Are the Best Deer Attractants?


There are about as many arguments for and against the different deer attractants as there are attractants themselves. The best thing to do would be to ask someone who hunts where you do what works best. Different climates, deer species, and environments can make some attractants work better than others. For more information take a look at: .
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Deer are attracted to smells which inform of a possible food source. Pine scents, apple and nut trees are food-based odors that attract hungry deer. Salt is the least available resource
Deer love peanut butter, and it makes a great attractant. Take the lid off of a jar of peanut butter, and nail it to a tree in a high deer traffic area. Screw the jar of peanut butter
1. Plant a food plot to draw deer to an area. A food plot is a specially planted area that contains forage that deer find appealing. This includes legume plants such as clover, lespedezas
For whitetail deer your best bets are corn and acorns.
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Deer are attracted to salt blocks because they like to lick them. This is not a humane thing to do for hunters though. Most hunters use deer urine to attract the ...
To attract many deer, a person can make deer attractants. A common one is to place salt blocks in the area the person wants the deer. The deer love to lick on ...
There are many deer attracting plants. Most perrienas are deer attractants. The deer prefer plans that have thick stem on them. A hostas is one of their favorites ...
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